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stone polishing 

Full Polish $24 per lb.. Finished weight

Less than 20 grams $1.00 each

Face Polish $16.00 per lb.. Finished weight

-We will go through  your stones with you to determine if they are polishable.

(not all stones will polish nicely)

-Please no more than  50 stones per trip. This way we can get orders out in a timely fashion for everyone

-Most orders will be done in 24-48 hrs.

-NO commercial polishing jobs please

-We can drill holes up to 1/4" thick for $1.00 each

-We can  also slice stones up to 8"x10.5"

-We can also do custom work from your own stones (key chains, necklaces, earrings, etc.




Check out our Yooperlites**!! When syenite is exposed to UV light the sodalite inside them gives off a fluorescent glow!  We have a variety of fluorescent minerals 

**Discovered in 2017 by Erik Rintamaki

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